Welcome to D-Javu web store, powered with BigCommerce

Posted by Liam Rianto on 28th May 2014

Welcome to our website!

After reviewing few different types of e-commerce to be used for the our website, we have decided to use BigCommerce. It is expecting the features offered by BigCommerce suits our needs to sell online.

The old server is still hosting pictures for some of our eBay listings, this is why at the moment we just redirect the domain http://www.djavu.com.au/ to this BigCommerce website. 

eBay has been great place for us to sell products for all these years. It does cost a lot of money for fees and all but the traffict and sales are worthy. 

While we still need to sell on eBay, having own website will be the way to go from now on. 

Let us know any comment and suggestion this way we can serve you better.