Happy New Year 2019!

4th Jan 2019

Here we are in the new year again. Let's hope this year you will accomplished what you're aiming for and let this year be the most prosperous year yet.Let us know if we can be any help for your techno … read more
Welcome to 2018

Welcome to 2018

Posted by Liam Rianto on 5th Jan 2018

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed your holiday. This year, apart from to increase more availability of products in our website, we do hope to have more of interactions with our customers. Feel … read more

Complete migration to BigCommerce, Goodbye Smallpond

Posted by Liam Rianto on 10th Sep 2014

We've finally completed revising those eBay listings (painfully) that uses images from the old servers. And we've updated the domain to BigCommerce. Due to low technical knowledge, it was thought firs … read more